Writing my first thriller

It is almost Halloween.  For the first time in my life I have written a thriller for the Writer’s Digest contest.  The problem is I feel a bit odd.  I have always refused to write thrillers.  The stigma for me has been that a reader might just wonder: “what the hell was that writer thinking?”  Even worse a reader might just find the story stupid.  Hmm…. That would not be too good for my ego.  My passion is to write romance.  Writing this thriller was a quest to see if perhaps I might have some unopened talent looming.  To my surprise, I love the story.  My only fear is that maybe it is just not enough or …. Cliché.  Well, the race to enter the contest is the 15 October.  I will have to continue to work on my story.   Then enter my suspenseful tale and just put my fears aside.

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