Writing to rehab

There are many ways to write. Some people are highly talented at editorials, creative writing, technical writings, poetry and letters.  Letters may seem the least important form. Writing letters will not help you pass in your essays nor will they make you famous.  Lately, I have found letters to be extremely important. I have a friend in rehab. In her attempt to complete the program I have pledged to write often. I have sent cute cards. Then there was a fuzzy card that was rejected because of the fuzz. Then there was another card not given to her because it had pictures on three sides. Really? Now, I am sending the value cards with a small image on the cover and blank on the inside.

The worst part of writing to rehab is knowing what to say. All mail coming and going is read by the staff. If they do not approve of something you say then it is not delivered. My last letter received from my friend consisted of repeated statements of “I have so much to tell you, but I can’t.”

My question is  how do you communicate? I will continue to send mail, postcards and cards with the same vague statements. I just wish facilities would allow a little more flexibility with the 5 th Amendment.

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