Vern’s Priorities

“Vern what are you doing?”

“Daddy I’m sick.”

“So you are going to sit on the computer all day eating diet bars?”

“Yes, I think I will. I’m eating these darn bars because I’m craving chocolate.”

“You need to get your priorities straight. You should go to the gym.”

“Fine.” Vern put sweatpants on under her night shirt and slipped on her tennis shoes.”

“Where are you going?”

“The gym” she replied.  Then she stepped out the front door.  She arrived at the gym but it was closed.  She drove to the other franchise location.  It too was closed.  Disappointed she drove to the grocery store.  Inside she went down the candy aisle, snack aisle, ice cream aisle and dairy aisle.  Back home she shuffled through the front door with her arms full of groceries.

“Vern I thought you were going to the gym.”

“So did I, it was closed.  I went to the store.  I bought chocolate mousse, chocolate candy, nuts, nuts with dried fruit, frozen yogurt, chocolate chip cookie dough and your favorite milk. I took your advice. I got my priorities straight.”

“With junk food?”

“Yes daddy, today my priority is chocolate.”

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