Day of Reflection

Statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma

This day is a moment of reflection of the amazing things Americans are doing to reshape our world.  To start Inventors Digest October issue mentions the nation’s top new inventors.  From the list four of the inventors are well on the way of leading America in invention and cyber defense.

Eden Full, founder of Roseicollis Technologies, a solar energy startup has invented a solar panel costing only $10 compared to conventional panels that cost up to $1000 per panel.  Douglas Hutchings and Seth Shumate, owners of Silicon Solar Solution, have invented a process to reduce the cost of manufacturing solar cells by 26%. With gas and oil prices rising one would presume that homeowners would flock to solar energy.  Even though solar energy is a clean energy, it is very costly.  Inventors like the Full, Hutchings and Shumate are working to make this solar energy affordable for our nation.

Michael Crouse, scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, is working on developing “digital ants.”  These “digital ants” will be our nation’s defense against computer hackers and future computer worms like the Stuxnet.  Last year Iran’s Busheher nuclear power plant was attacked by the Stuxnet.  With scientist like Crouse our nation’s power grids, corporate networks and financial systems will be defended by the invisible cyber warfare of the 21st Century.

This day of reflection was to give tribute to the wise and brave inventors.


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