Many things in our daily lives are fake like; flowers, fruit, paintings, jewelry, silver, gold and even people. The picture of the fake pumpkins remind us why we sometimes purchase fake items or worse choose to act fake. Fake is not always a bad thing. Fake items tend to last longer, look more appealing, not have flaws, they do not tarnish or age and sometimes fake can protect. Being fake as a human can protect you from exposing the flaws that make you, you. Society tells us that are flaws or individual qualities that make us undoubtedly individual. Yet, they also tend to make us less appealing.

I have to be true and divulged that my post are honest and not fake. While some of my writings might be more how-to it is not that I am being fake. My craft projects are very important to me because they allow me to create and produce without words. A creative person finds new energies by using new mediums like; paint, food, scripting, drawings, crafts, gardening, sewing and more. I hope you too can enjoy all my postings even my how-tos.

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