Creating a stuffed chicken in fall fabrics

How to create a stuffed chicken using Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts book with CD.  Follow directions on page 96.

1. Gather sewing supplies to include fabric, scissors, thread, beans and fill.

2. Print the pattern for the Felted Chicken from the CD and cut it out.

3. Pin pattern to felted wool as instructions recommend or to any fabric you choose and cut it out.  Then flip the pattern the other direction and cut out the pattern again.  This will give you two different sides of the chicken, a mirror image.

4. Stitch the two sides of chicken to the edge of the underbelly piece.

5. Pin the wattle and comb to chicken body with fabric facing inward and stitch

6. Stitch wing top to the bottom, so you have two complete wings.

7. Turn the chicken right-side out and stitch on wings. 

8. Using extra fabric create a bag for the beans and place inside the chicken to weight and balance it. Next add fill inside the chicken around the bag of beans to prevent lumps.

9.  Last slipstitch the opening closed. 

Overall this project was simple. I loved the colors of fabric I chose.  Martha Stewart’s book suggested using an a machine-felted cable-knit sweater. I used simple quilting squares sold at the fabric store for $1.99.  One square was enough fabric to make one chicken, so the project was very inexpensive.  Thank you Martha Stewart for another amazing project!

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