When was the last time you have relieved a gift?Perhaps it was a holiday, birthday or anniversary?

Today I assisted someone with purchasing a gift. It was not any special occasion, but oddly enough it made me feel good. It could be the fact I was not spending my own money. The truth is knowing the recipient, I knew she would be delighted to just be remembered that she is loved.

During the tough economic times many of us are spending less, but maybe it is at times like present with spirits are low, economy down and jobs sparse that we should be gifting to our friends and family.

Small tokens of appreciation can mean lots, especially when not expected. Gifts do not have always have to be purchased. A thoughtful note, a baked good, cup of coffee or a nice complement can all be a well received token. I propose to you to gift to someone today.

My second task: Write a compliment to a literary agent

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