So you want to save the planet from global warming.

So, you want to save the planet? Me too.

Guess what? It does not have to be all or nothing approach.

What? Yes, you heard me. We do not have to follow the foot steps of some loud mouth crazy liberal or a granola.

O, I am not talking a granola bar. Granola is like a naturalist on hormones. One who does not shower, use deodorant, use soap or any chemicals for that matter.

What I am saying everyone in the world needs to switch up little things on waste or carbon foot print.

Paper towels for instance are expensive and waste full. When long long ago when I first married we had $250 to live off for 2 weeks. I made a grocery list and numbers did not work out. I called my life fairy, grandmother, and to tell her. She said, “I lived through the depression. You know you don’t need all those things on your grocery list. We did not buy paper towels during the depression, or now for that matter. Instead, we used dish towels or rags cut up from clothes we could no longer wear.”

“That’s gross.” I replied.

“No, that was smart. We took something we had and made it useful. Sometimes we stitched the side and added embroidery.”

“Yeah, but I don’t want dirty rags sitting around the house.”

Ha Ha she laughed at me. “Neither would I. That is why every night we washed them. We always had a huge basket full of beautiful dish towels we could use from. We never ran out as others were washing. Now, you can go to the dollar store and pick up a bundle.”

That day, vampire years ago, I started using dish towels. Do you know how much money you can save? A lot! Saving money and more important you are saving the planet from all the waste too. Yes!

Now, lets talk about something that really bothers me. Packaging, I mean product packaging. You know those plastic tubs that you get your clothing detergent from? Yes, the big orange ones with your logo on bold across it. I recycle one plastic tub every two weeks. That’s about 25 plastic tubs a year. 25! That’s way too much waste. The problem is companies feel that their product will not sell unless it’s the right packaging.

That’s hogwash! I will always buy Tide. Tide! Tide! Tide! Why?

Because, if I don’t use Tide my skin turns red. I get these bubbles. They look like mini zits all over my body. Itch? Heck yeah! I am scratching all over to the point of them popping and bleeding. Sounds scary, right? Well, it is. It hurts worse. Tide, please stop using wasteful packaging. Lead the way through the future of saving the planet. Sell, the Tide pods in beautiful containers at higher price. That way consumers will want to keep them and use them over and over. Do something in tin, glass or with pretty prints of art, flowers or superhero prints. Then, sell refills. Yes, keep it simple. Instead if charging another $20 for my pods, do a refill pack for like $18. Save me money and save our planet, Earth.

Tide, imagine you could lead the way of the future. You could make this one bold move and all other major brands will follow you.

What? You don’t think this will work? Bananas! Oh course it works. L’Occitane does this. One beautiful product with refill bags at cheaper pricing. You know why I buy it? Other than the product being wonderful to my toxic skin, they do not waste on packaging. The products are not put inside wasteful boxes or wrappers. No, beautiful glass bottles that are subtle beauty so I want to keep them. Yes, I keep the old containers. I use them over and over to store things in. I agree I am not Marie Condo, but who gives a care. I am still doing my part to save the planet. Now, Tide, do yours.

Liberals, those of you who want to get rid of cars, yeah I’m talking to you. Get off your computer and asses and go into the heart of America. Visit the remote parts of the world. Oh wow! Guess what? Small farmer towns can not exist without cars, trucks and large machinery. While you live in the Bronx, Philadelphia or San Francisco you have abundant cheap transportation. In remote America, we don’t. Guess what? Some people drive 45 minutes at 45 mph to get MILK. Yes, Milk! Then you ask, well why do they live there? Why not sell and move to the big city? Because, they love their land. They love their town. They love their animals. They love their life, just as you love yours. Stop, trying to think everyone in America can make the same sacrifices to save the planet as you. If the people in California want to elimate carbon emission vehicles, then do it, just there. Have the people vote. Stop making assumptions on what everyone wants

That’s my beef on saving the planet. I do what I can. I hope you start to do something too. Speak up America.

Environmentally conscious,



  1. Reblogged this on A Jeanne in the Kitchen and commented:
    This is how I was raised. What was old becomes new once again. My parents were both born and raised in the Depression and WWII eras. My dad was from Australia, and the Depression hit very hard there. At 14, in 1939, he lied about his age and ran off to join he Australian Army to fight in WWII. They were so poor that it was a way for him to eat and to survive, as well as doing his part to fight the enemies, and my grandmother was very supportive of it because that was one less mouth she had to feed.

  2. Well said. I agree, politicians are so out of touch with the average American. I use rags, but I still buy paper towels. I can’t get my family on board to completely get rid of paper. It’s still a work in progress. 😀

  3. Yes! This is so smart for the planet and pocket book. Goodwill will recycle your old clothes into new fabric if you don’t want to repurpose your old things then let someone else.

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