WTF happened to my tax return?

It all started out about two weeks ago when my spouse and I filed our taxes. Shit got real. I mean real. We looked at the numbers and they did not lie. We aren’t getting shit.

In 2017, we paid in almost twice the amount we had paid in over the year of 2018. I am talking double digits in the thousands. This year only a single digit. We got out the papers and looked it all over and the numbers did not lie. We did not pay enough in to get a decent tax return.

We looked at each other as if we had just plowed our car into a brick wall. Shit happens. We moved. We lived in a hotel for over 60 days.  We bought a house. We had to repair our house. We had all our furniture f-ed up from the move, so we bought furniture. I had to pay for a portion of my last surgery that the insurance would not cover. The list goes on and on and on and on and on and on…

Oops! My bad my head was f-ing up. WTF!

We talk about it and cancel the big cable package and make plans to cut back. We will hopefully survive or not.

Then it happens. I am chatting with a friend whom ask me if we are getting a big return. “Nope, that shit did not happen. I’m so fucking pissed. You know we were going to use that money to pay off some of these credit card bills we racked up for the repairs on the house, hotel stay, food, college cost, medical and shit.”

“Us too! Not a fucking dollar.”

My head shook this friend of mine is older, in her late 50’s, a teacher and a great Catholic. I did never in my mind heard her cuss before.


“Yeah, everyone I works with is paying or getting close to nothing.”

“What the fuck?” I replied. Then somehow the conversation converted to another topic.

Then I post something of Facebook.

In America, tax return time gave us all hope. This year, not so much. Praying for blessings and health for all my friends and family.

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I posted this not so people will feel sorry for me or that shit, but I did it to show that I’m human. I fucked up. I should have made sure we paid more in. I should have never joined the Army and fucked up my feet. I should have not tripped and ripped my toe off. I should have not had any surgeries and just drag my feet along surfaces. I should have not let all my organs fall out my twat, but all that shit happened and now the one thing that gave me and my family hope was that tax return check. WTF!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I’m so fucking pissed! I am even using the f word. Why? I don’t know. I asked my husband this morning. “I’m cussing again. Why? are you cussing around me again?”

“Nope not me.”


He turns to look at me.

“See it is fucking slipping out my lips again. What the fuck is wrong with me? Is it the dope the doctor gave me after surgery? I’m off that shit now but why am I still cussing? Why am I mad?”

He shrugs his shoulders

The take away from my blog today is this: Life fucking sucks without a tax return.

Readers, when ever in modern history has there never been tax returns like this?

This shit needs to get fixed. What happened to the tax cuts?



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