JCV sick and on crazy medicines

When you are sick and on crazy meds life sort feels just weird. I am currently taking meds, because I think I am allergic to “TEXAS!” lol

I am on the mend. I think things are moving on up, but in the meanwhile, I just don’t feel like myself. I even got one of those weird calls from the Pharmacy checking in on me. Only because I am on 9 prescriptions. Who freaking takes nine prescriptions?

“How are you feeling?”



“Yeah, I feel like I’m drunk.”

“How do you mean? Like  vomiting, swaying…”

“Nope, I got meds for that. I feel silly. I want to laugh and lately, I have been funny. I’m mean I can be kind of silly, but this was definitely funny. I made people laugh. I have people commenting on my Twitter. Like lots of people.”

“What do you think,s making you feel that way.”

“Well, I thought about it. Then I Googled it. I think it is the inhaler; however, I need the inhaler to stop coughing.” Cough, cough, cough. “You see” cough “I’m still coughing.”

“You shouldn’t still be congested or coughing with the meds you are taking.”

Cough, cough, cough, Spitting up congestion, “Well, as you can hear, I am.”

“But this drunk thing…”slince “Why do you feel drunk?”

“Because I said the ‘F’ word like 10 times the day before yesterday. And I don’t say the ‘F’ word unless I’m like really really mad, like mad at my husband mad. He’s not even here. I was just talking to a neighbor and it was ‘F’ this and ‘F’ that.”

“Interesting, Maybe you should go see your doctor.”

“Well, that is not going to happen. Ugh!”

“You can just monitor how you feel.”

“Never mind, I think I will do what my therapist said and experiment tonight.”

“That does not sound like a good deal.”

“Well, I’m not crazy or anything. It’s funny. You see this is my marriage and family therapist, but for some reason, weird reason, and I’m not really sure why, but I’m the only one that goes, but then I tell my son and husband what the therapist said and we work it.”


“So, I told my therapist my drugs were making me loopy and weird, you know drunk. Then he mentioned I should blog about it, and blah, blah, blah, blah.”


“Hello? I guess he hung up.”


That was yesterday. This is to a new day. I have sat at my computer and worked on this song/ poem since 8am it is now 2pm. WTF?  I think this sums up how I am doing. Enjoy or not. Good luck.





Tis the Season to by jolly

Have local food and be alcoholly


Beer, wine, rum, tequila, vodka too

Make you want to eat lots of food


Turkey, ham, fish, pork, roast and herring

Served with Schnitzel, Pasteles and Tamales


Add your potatoes, latkes, lentils and stuffing too

No wonder why you can’t bend over and tie your shoes


Don’t forget a side of the rice.

Wild, brown, sticky, purple, saffron and white


The World is sure full of sweets

Candy, Chocolate, Cookies and cakes to eat

French Macroons, Israel’s Sufganiyots, and Russian tea cakes

Finish off the dinner with an elevated state


Have a Hot Chocolate, herbal tea, coffee, or Yerba mate please

 Add some Bailey’s or Kahlua to prevent the ZZZZs


Rum the Eggnog, Pina Colda or Coquito

Vodka for White Russians, Chocolate and Espresso Martinis


No matter where you on the holidays

Don’t forget to say the grace


Countries separated by politics and race

Stop for a moment on Christmas Day


Fork to the Flavors

Sip to the Savior


Remembrance our past

Wishes that last


Tis the season to eat, drink and be jolly

Have local food and be alcoholly



Yeah, that was horrible. LOL At least I can still laugh at myself. During this writing my sister, Anglique, called to bother me. I told her I was listening to  Andrea Boccelli concert in Blue Ray while I wrote.

Then she asked me to read it to her. I did.

“How long did that take you?”

“Just four maybe five hours. Oh my shits! It sucks. Right?”

“Yeah, hey listen I got to go. I got to clean out my refrigerator.”

“Stop sitting in it.”

“My ass is hot.”

“Love you, get better.”

After getting off the phone with her I thought about how my writing today sucks. To all you out there suffering from a cold, allergies, sinus infection, black lung or whatever I want you to enjoy this song dedicated to you.

In case you want to hear the real Andrea Bocelli here is his wonderful music.


To my sister who had to go to clean her refrigerator after insulting my writing,  kiss my grits! I hope you find a turd in there. LOL!

Love ya


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