Fay Trims the Christmas Tree

“Whatcha doing?”


“Whatcha trimming?”

“The Christmas tree”

“Can I help?”


Max looked around the tree where Fay stood.  There were no boxes of ornaments or decorations of any kind. “Fay, where are all the ornaments?”

“I threw them away.”


“Because, none of them matched.  They were all different colors, designs and shapes.  I don’t want that stuff on my tree.”

“I thought you were trimming the tree?”

“I am.”

“With what?”

Fay stepped out from the back of the tree.  She held up something small and silver. “I’m trimming the tree with my nail trimmers. Duuuhhh!”

“That’s bad”

“Nooo, it’s good.  Look at how nice the branches over here look.”

“No Fay, Christmas trees are not supposed to be perfectly trimmed.”

“Then why do people trim the tree?”

“Trimming the tree is when you put the decorations on the tree.  The decorations can be handmade, bought or natural like berries and popcorn.”

“So, I guess throwing all the ornaments away was probably a bad thing.”

“Yeah, you could say that.”


  1. Off-topic I know, but I love your flag counter…
    Do you have to have a paid for blog to get one? Or can you put one on a wordpress site? Very cool!

    • Thanks, I do not have a custom blog my blog is free. I did pay for a domain. You only need to use a widget for the flag counter. The widgets are found under your theme on your dashboard. The flag counter is also free. When you go to the flag counter website you sign up your blog. Then you paste a link in your widget box. The only bad thing is the flag counter is not retroactive, so in the beginning it will look as though you have no followers. It takes time before the flags start adding up. If you have trouble getting the flag counter on your blog there a topic with step by step instructions on WordPress or you can email customer service. I hope I was able to help you. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

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