Daddy’s Veterans Day

Vern went to her father’s bedroom door to wake him up.  She was surprised to see him dress in his Class A uniform.  The green suit fit snug to his chest.  Upon his left shoulder were the medals and ribbons he achieved in the Vietnam War.  He looked over at Vern. “Did you expect anything less?”

“No, you look good.  Your uniform is a little snug, but otherwise you look very sharp.  You’re going to impress the children.”

“I got up early to shave.  I worked out my kinks in my veteran bones by stretching.  I think I look pretty handsome.  I might even go out for a beer with the boys afterwards.”

“What time is the ceremony at the school?”

“It’s at nine.   I’m part of the flag detail.  The Colonel of the Retiree Commissions is showing a video tribute to all soldiers from WWI all the way to present day Afghanistan and Iraq.  It will last about an hour.  Then since it’s a private school they have chapel.”

“Are you going to stay for chapel?”

“I have to.  Not that I’d want to leave, but you know how uncomfortable school bleachers are.  My back is going to be killing me. Afterwards, we’ll have lunch with the parents, staff and PTO.  The Colonel said if we were going to participate we have to stay for the entire event.  Which is fine, they’re serving Lasagna.”

“That sounds really nice.  I would’ve liked to have come.”

“Well you can’t.  You weren’t invited.”

“I know that.  I was just saying it would have been nice to see you in the ceremony.”

“We’re paying a photographer to take photos.  You know most of us vets can’t focus or bend down for that matter so we’re paying someone to do that. Us men and women have battle wounds.  We’re not just a bunch of old guys.”

“Got it daddy, I need to get dressed.”  Vern went to her room.  She was getting dressed, but she could not find her shapewear.   Frustrated she took everything out of her dresser.  She was about to give up when she had an odd thought cross her mind.  She went downstairs.  She approached her father.  “Daddy, how did you fit into your suit?”

“I used your griddle, of course.”

“Daddy!  I need it!  You’re going to stretch it all out.  That stuff is expensive.”

“Come on Vern!  You know I need to look good today.  I forgot to lose a little weight.  Don’t do it for me. Sacrifice your griddle for the ceremony and the kids.”

“Fine, you’re pushing it old man!”

“Look at me…I’m not an old man.  I got medals.  I’m a veteran!”


  1. I have read a few of your posts with these characters. I really like them. You are good at this. I hope you can pull it all together into a cohesive story and that a publisher will take a chance on you. Do you have a good proof reader to help you with to/two/too and impress/empress type mistakes? That will help keep a great story out of the slush pile and get it into print. Keep them coming! 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment. When I first began the blog I developed these characters. I enjoy creating stories. You are correct about my lack of clarity in fundamentals. The truth is I have disappointed myself often by finding so many errors in my own work. Often, I reread my stories two or three times before I post them and then I still find typos or stupid mistakes. I am a work in progress. I suffer from dyslexia. When I read a book or letter I not only read letters mixed up, but I only see what’s important to me. When I read my own stories I see perfection. Then each time I reread my writing I can see errors. It is a weakness, but I hope to overcome it.

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