Fashion rant

This was the week of Fashion Night Out in New York City.  It also was Fashion Week in NYC.  I love fashion. I always have.  I have to admit I have a weakness for those glossy over priced magazines on store racks.  I remember growing up I could spend hours engulfed looking at the photographs and reading the articles. Yes!  I remember reading great articles.  Back in the day the stories that filled the pages of those magazines was rather PG, but very interesting.

Now, I’m still in love with fashion.  I look forward to looking through those glossy pages reflecting Fashion Week.  The only problem with fashion today is that the drama is missing.  The only drama I receive from fashion is the Rachel Zoe Project.  I love her show.  Her passion and fight for the right dress for her clients is appealing to me. 

What I am trying to get at is that it baffles me that has some amazing writers and photographers attempting to get noticed and these magazines don’t take notice.  In the global market place consumers are demanding more for their money.  Magazines are offering less and charging way too much.  I would not feel guilty indulging in purchasing those magazines if they were to pay for more freelance stories that could enhance the drama to fashion.  Right now, I will just save my money and watch the Rachel Zoe Project for my fashion drama fix.

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