Who’s Vern? Who’s Daddy? Whatcha doing? Nothing!

Who’s Vern?  Who’s Daddy? Whatcha doing? Nothing!

Well, in reality they are all characters.  Vern is the adult daughter of Daddy.  She lives and takes care of him.  Daddy is a retired United States Army noncommissioned officer. They live in New Jersey, just outside Fort Dix.   Since the birth of my blog I have created these characters.  They are developing.  I do not write short stories about them, because there is a lack of change.  Instead, I write about incidents in their lives. I have begun the scraps of a short story that one day could be published as a novel (to any potential publishers or agents reading).  

Whatcha doing? Nothing! This dialogue is from two numb nuts (silly friends).  Yes, we have all seen these random types of people in the store, clubs, park, gym and everywhere else.  These are two friends that just like to give each other a hard time.

 My goal in creating all these characters was for simple enjoyment. I am a creative writer. I am not a chef, seamstress, editor or sports writer.  I have attempted all avenues of writing and well truth is I am just a creative writer. 

I have written a coming of age novel with a female audience in mind.  It is ready to be published but most publishers won’t take chances anymore.  I am sending out my manuscript one agent at a time. I have only sent it to three because the response time has increased with more people wanting to be published.  I am waiting for my call or email from an agent or publisher that will just give me one chance. I also have a second novel that is a romance, but I am going to rewrite it to fix any clichés. 

While I am blogging to create an audience I am also putting together new stories for contests. I have just entered in one for Writer’s Digest and another for Reader’s Digest.  I am also trying to figure out how to use Final Chapter the script writing software.  I just thought maybe, maybe if the publishing business is not willing to give me a chance then someone in the film industry will.

I love all of you for taking the time to check out my blog. I hope you enjoy it. If you see any potential problems or misunderstandings just note it. I will publish all comments. I will address every issue.  Who knows your advice just might make me a better writer.


  1. JVC, Thanks for stopping by My Hmmm Collection and clicking the Like button. Have a Merry Christmas and Wonderful New Year!

  2. Things we have in common: I blog. I love to write. I’m as creative as hell. I’m married. My childhood was crappy.
    What we don’t have in common: I am male, at least I was the last time I looked which was this morning. I was a software engineer, mediocre at best, although I did have my moments. My main contribution to the various companies around which I bumped was cracking people up with my sledgehammer or unique sense of humor. You wear sunglasses better than I do. I grew up in cities and suburbs – Split-level hell.

    • M.L. Wilt you crack me up. Not all cities are -split-level-hell. LOL My husband has a fantasy of living in NYC near Central Park. I love to travel and visit cities, but I am much happier with tall trees surrounding me as opposed to big buildings. Traffic is my hell. LOL I lived in New Jersey for a stint and I think some nuns drove me off the road and gave me the finger a few times.

  3. What I left out: I am an actor, parent of two happily married daughters. I spoil my grandchildren unashamedly. I have written plays, two of which received honorable mention from the Writer’s Digest writing contest, three of which have been produced. My blog is currently spare text. I’m looking to upgrade it to include pictures and little movies.

    Oh. the reason I didn’t mention these before: I am ridiculously absent-minded.

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