Today is the first day of my quest to 365 attempts to become a published writer.  I have to admit that I feel very insecure about sharing my writing.  Creating stories, plots, characters is easy.  The difficult part is in the delivery.  As an artist you know what the desired product or story line looks like, because you can vision it in your head.  The hard part is in the delivery of your writing style, grammar and so forth.  I ask readers to be gentle with your comments and criticism is always welcome. 

Task 1: Look for literary agents accepting unsolicited submissions

16 comments on “Insecurity

  1. I just let things flow out to get my thoughts out and and make a draft first without worrying to much english and gramar. You can fix it up later becasue you want to capture the thoughts. If the gramar is not perfect after you worked on it don’t worry either.You will be judged on it regardless but most of the time they will get yourpoint. I’m not a professional writer it’s just that I don’t care aboutthat too much now. If I become famous that’s will be my editor and publisher’s responsbility.

  2. I agree with K.T. as far as the first draft. But as an editor, I would have to say that the draft you submit should be checked for grammar and spelling errors. I will immediately set aside a piece that has a lot of them. A few here and there are forgivable and easily fixed by me and the copy editor, but having them all over the place is irritating and I won’t be able to follow the story. I have lots to do. Part of the writer’s job is to know proper grammar, or have a friend who will help you out.

    As a writer – I don’t worry too much about that stuff for the first draft. But I make a huge effort to clean it up before I let anyone else read it. Just my two cents. Good luck. If you ever write anything in the fantasy/steampunk genre. Let me know. My company takes unsolicited manuscripts. 🙂

  3. I wish you all the best in your publishing endeavor, which many of us have shared…thanks also for visiting my blog and I hope you’ll return!
    Have you heard of the book “Writer’s Market?” I’m not sure about online options, but you can find it at your library…it has publishers listed and all their requirements (what they will and won’t accept, query letter and agent info, etc.). It’s the best resource, so I encourage you to check it out, if you haven’t already… 🙂

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