Christmas in Italy

The year I lived in Italy I remember longing to get back to the United States for Christmas. I have to admit I was young and stuck on tradition. Now, as time has passed. I am sad that I never did spend Christmas in Italy.

Over the years, I have been following Rossi, a blogger, from Vicenzia, Italy. She has taken great time to write about the holidays in Italy. In the event you are up to some adventure or just want to learn about the culture please do ready Rossi’s blog.

vicenzia Christmas.jpg

Rossi writes many more amazing works about living in Italy. She showcases her many talents as a writer and photographer. Enjoy the beauty of Italy! Visit my friend Rossi at


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    • Rossi is a fablous writer. Her pictures are amazing too. I went over this summer and took so of her suggestions, like getting lost in Venice. It really adds an element to your trip.

      • I agree! Including about getting lost in Venice. It happened to me by accident, but I got to see how people really do live there. It gave Venice a whole different meaning for me.

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